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Pitch in and help others. Share. Co-operate and Support”

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Thanks to all our amazing staff for all their hard work during the 2023 season. If you were with us for a short time or for the whole harvest a vey big thank you.

Come and work for the best little packhouse in the Bay for the 2024 season. Be in early to secure a spot as there are limited spaces.

Whether you are joining us for the first time or a returning worker please contact the office on 07 549 1679. Or you can fill out an online application form and drop it into us.


The Katikati Region

Stretching from the Kaimai Ranges to Tauranga Harbour, Katikati is rapidly gaining popularity with its relaxed atmosphere and lifestyle and business opportunities.

This friendly town is known as the 'Mural Town of New Zealand', famous for its many murals depicting scenes of the region's rich history painted on walls of commercial buildings. This began in the 1990s as a project to regenerate tourist interest in the town.

Population: 4056. View your latest Census 2013 Information.
Location: 28km south of Waihi and 40km north-west of Tauranga. The town is located on the Uretara Stream near a tidal inlet towards the northern end of Tauranga Harbour.​​


Thank you for your interest in working for Birchwood Packhouse.

There are no positions available at the moment, please come back visit this page again in the near future for possible opportunities.

Tray Prep

Tray prep is tasked with supplying the packing lanes with quality packaging, ensuring it is the correct pack type and insert.

Tray prep directly influences the ability of the packer to complete their tasks accurately, therefore attention to detail needs to be exceptional.

This role is suited to those who can work within the range of ‘minimal movement to very active’ as packing requirements may change at any given time, during a shift. 

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Packers must adhere to strict food safety measures to ensure only ‘safe’ quality kiwifruit is packed.

Packers with an eye for detail ensure that the correct fruit label, pack type, insert and overall presentation of the pack meets the high standard Birchwood requires.

This role is suited to those who can work within the range of ‘minimal movement to very active’ as packing requirements may change at any given time, during a shift.

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Graders are required to grade fruit to the expected grade standard whilst maintaining minimal fruit loss for maximum grower returns.

Grader’s attention to detail, along with the ability to make quick decisions, ensure tasks of the packing staff is not affected by having to also remove grade defects.

This role is suited to those with exceptional hand / eye co-ordination who can stand for long periods of time, during a shift. If you suffer from motion sickness grading may not be suited to you. Please consider one of the other positions.

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Stackers have an energetic role requiring accuracy with an exceptional eye for detail thereby helping the packhouse maintain an efficient work flow.

Stackers are responsible for accurate pack labelling and stacking to the allocated pallet, ensuring a high standard of presentation overall.

This is a physically demanding role and is suited to those who are fit and able to lift packs of fruit up to 10kgs in weight for extended periods of time, during a shift.

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Strappers are responsible for the final step in the packing process by completing specific strapping requirements for each pallet type packed.

Strappers must work with speed and accuracy, prior to the pallet being visually identified with specific documentation and being moved to cool storage.

This can be a physically demanding role and is suited to those who are fit and strong.

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Working in NZ
If you're planning to work here temporarily and you're not an NZ or Australian citizen or permanent resident, you'll need a work visa.

Who needs a visa

You might be able to get a work visa if:

  • you have a job offer from an NZ employer
  • you're coming for a particular work-related purpose or event
  • you've been studying here and now want to work, or
  • your partner's here and you want to join them and work.

You may only need a special visitor visa, such as a Business Visitor Visa, if you're coming here for things like:

  • business negotiations
  • a short-term sales trip
  • an official trade mission recognised by the NZ government, or
  • work for an overseas government.

More information can be found on the New Zealand Government website